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How To Clean A Car Windshield

How To Clean A Car Windshield

Videojug and Autovalet UK take you through cleaning your cars from interiors to exteriors. For the windshield, this is your step-by-step guide on making it spotless.

Today, we're going to show you how to clean the exterior part of your window screen. This application can also be used on the interior part of your window screen as well and on the windows around the car. First thing to do would be to rinse all excess dirt again from the window screen.

Try and hit as much as you can onto the window screen as well. This will ensure that any dirt underneath this window screen will all get dislodged by the wash as well. Once this is done, lift the window screen wipers up, have some good quality shampoo with a wash mix and clean the window from top to bottom.

Ensure using straight lines working from top to bottom. It will also ensure that you don't miss any areas on the window screen and then it's fully covered and cleaned properly. Do both sides.

Once this is done, get your jet wash and rinse off the excess soap from the windscreen. The quickest and easiest way of removing water from the window screen will be using a blade as being demonstrated now. This removes the excess water and makes it a lot easier to dry the vehicle and polish the vehicle thereafter.

Once you've used the blade, remove the excess water from the window screen. Again, using my fiber cloth, go from the top to bottom using a straight motion as much as possible. This can ensure that you get full coverage on the screen and you won't miss any part of the screen at all.

Once you've fully dried the screen, it may be necessary to use a good window cleaner. We would recommend using a higher volume alcohol window cleaner as this helps prevent smearing on the window screen. Once you're finished with your window cleaner and you're happy with the windows completely clean, there's no smear left on it, the last step would be to take back down the wipers, place that down gently ensuring that you don't cause any damage on the windscreen wipers.

And that's how to clean a window screen. .