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How To Clean A Ceramic Hob

How To Clean A Ceramic Hob

Paul Russell and his team share some tips and tricks for bring out the perfect shine on your kitchen hob. Learn what kind of cloth to use and when to ensure you kitchen looks as clean as if it was new.

We're going to tell you how to clean a kitchen hob. Okay, so there are various different products on the market. We tend to use a product called Hob Brite.

It's a very effective way of cleaning the hobs. You're probably going to use silver scourers potentially or Scotch Brite. Basically, what you're trying to do is get rid of the burnt-in food residue on your hob.

Try to remove that so you might want to use a sponge or a silver scourer to try and remove that. Remove all of the food stuff off the hob and then use a cleaning product of your choice to wipe that down with a wet cloth and then dry and buff with a dry cloth. Pay attention to the dials.

Some of these dials can actually come off. They're actually on a clip. You can pop them off and clean behind them.

You can also use little tricks like toothbrushes to get in between as well. These are all the things that you can use to try and clean up your hob. Ultimately, if you want to get the shine, you definitely want to dry with a dry cloth and buff up and that gets you the shine.

So around the edge of the hob, you can clean that as well just to get the final finish of the hob. Using the right appropriate products to clean round the edges and then, at the end, buff up. And that's how you clean your kitchen hob. .