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How To Clean A Dashboard

How To Clean A Dashboard

Keeping your dashboard clean is a crucial factor in keeping your car looking at its best. John from AutoValet UK shares some useful tips and trick in keeping your dashboard looking pristine.

Hi, I'm John from AutoValet UK - the UK's leading car valet company. Today, we're going to give you some tips on how to maintain your vehicle and keep it in pristine condition. Today, we're going to show you how to clean a dashboard.

First thing you need to do would be to do the dashboard. Clean all your air vents, under and through the nooks and crannies, around the button area, around the stereo area, and work your way down the central console. Once you're happy that you've cleaned all excess dust and traffic film that may have landed on the dashboard, use a soft cloth with a -depending on the condition of your dashboard- either with water or a light glossy surface cleaner, or interior cleaner, to ensure that you release any possible fingerprints, food stains, drink stains that may have been left on the dashboard.

Once you're happy you've done this, dry the dashboard off, again using a soft cloth. Once you're happy that that's done, you may want to dress the dashboard to give it a shiny effect. This is very simple.

Spray some interior dressing on a cloth, and then very gently just rub all over the dashboard, ensuring that you have even coverage throughout the whole lot. This process can be applied more than once, depending on the desired effect that you wish to create. Anything that we would warn about is that in extremely sunny conditions, you may find that if you have got a shiny dashboard that you will get a really strong reflection in the windscreen and this may impair the driving view.

And that's how you clean a dashboard. .