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How To Clean A Fireplace

How To Clean A Fireplace

Fireplaces commonly get dirty from grease, dust, and soot. In this video, learn how to clean a marble fireplace with simple cleaning products that will leave a spot-free shine, without damaging the rock.

Hi. My name is Yaryna. I'm from Cleaner London, and now I will show you how to clean the fireplace.

First of all, you have to remove everything off the marble. And all you need for this is water, warm water, washing up liquid, and two cloths, one for washing and one for cleaning. It will take you about ten or fifteen minutes.

You have to put a small amount of this into the water. We are not using any chemicals, because it is a marble one and it could damage the stone, and you just want to take the grease and the dust off of it. If you use chemicals, it can leave a lot of stains.

And now, we take another cloth, a dry one, to polish it, to dry it. As you can see, there are no marks. Everything is clean and shiny.

Now it's clean. And that was how to clean the fireplace.