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How To Clean A Guinea Pig Cage

How To Clean A Guinea Pig Cage

Here's a guide on cleaning a guinea pig cage or hutch.

Hi. My name's Marie. I'm the deputy manager of the Small Animal Department of Wood Green Animal Shelters in Cambridge here.

I'm going to advise you how to care for guinea pigs. I'm going to tell you how to clean a guinea pig hutch. First of all, you will need to remove the guinea pig from the cage.

Make sure you've got a good quality pet carrier and place some of his bedding in there so he's still got his smell to keep and help him feel safe and secure. If you've more than 2 or 3 guinea pigs, obviously make sure you have got a carrier where they can sit comfortable because it may take a while to do the cleaning so you want to make sure that they're not all crowding in the same little house. So, we want to just open the door and find your little piggy.

Here he is and we'll just place him in there. So, it's got some of his bedding as well. If you think you're going to take a little bit of time, it's a good idea to place some fresh food in there for them to nibble on to as well.

So, make sure the carrier's completely secure and then make sure you just pop that either in a shed or somewhere secure where it's going to be able to get knocked over or get cold whilst you're doing that. Now, really, the best type of bedding for a guinea pig hutch should be newspaper on the base and good quality hay. Never use wood shavings or straw.

These are really bad for various health issues in your guinea pigs. Newspaper and hay can be placed in your garden or green bin so it's fine for you to recycle. So, what you want to do get your newspaper and roll this up completely.

Once you've removed that, pop that in the bin and then just get a dustpan and a brush and completely sweep that out and sweep all down in the sides as well to make sure everything's removed. You'll then want a pet disinfectant. Make sure it's a safe one for your pets and you've purchased that from a pet shop.

Spray down your hutch completely all the way to the side and all along the edges. Make sure you do all the bars as well and that's all completely sprayed down. Then with a small sponge, wipe that all down and just wash it down and leave it to air for, say, around half an hour, so it's completely dried and disinfected.

Once that's done, you'll then need to set it back up. Don't be afraid to change it around a little bit. Obviously, the main thing is the newspaper on the base, lots and lots of hay as you can see inside this hutch.

We've got newspaper on the base, all sorts of hay in here and use different types as well. You can get ready grass and timothy hay and meadow hay as well. Pop that in there.

You could also give them a small towel or a blanket for them to snuggle onto. Make sure when you set back the hutch, give them different types of enrichment and it shouldn't be the same all the time and move it into different positions so that there's something new for them to find and forage through. You can have different types of houses and tunnels.

You could even have paper bags and fill these up with hay. Once you place them in there, you can then pop the guinea pig back in the accommodation and make it completely secure. And that's how to clean a guinea pig hutch. .