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How To Clean A House In A Hurry

How To Clean A House In A Hurry

Nothing is worse than finding out that you have unexpected company arriving in a few minutes and your house is a mess. Follow these steps to learn how to clean your house in a hurry.

Step 1: Clear The Clutter

What they can't see, can't hurt them. Focus only on the rooms that your guests will be using. Close the doors to rooms that won't be seen. Now go around with a laundry basket and throw all your clutter into it. Then toss that basket into a closet where it shall never be seen. Next clean off all surfaces of tables and book shelves with a paper towel to dispel the dust.

Step 2: Dish Deception

You don't have time to do all the dishes. So create the illusion that you just walked away from them. Pile them all in the sink and then fill it up with soapy hot water. Then, clean off the counters and toss any extra clutter under the kitchen sink. There is not enough time to mop so hand scrub the biggest dirt spots with a spray bottle and paper towel on your floor. Toss a throw rug over the stains on the carpet.

Step 3: Polish The Pooper

You got to clean out the toilet, nothing will put off the parents like a dung stained bowl. Squirt some powerful cleaner in there, and swish. If you don't have any cleaner a can of coke will do the trick. Then clean off all the counters and hide away any bizarre meds or creams you have.

Step 4: Setting The Mood

Create a little ambience. Light a fragrant candle to give the illusion you've been cooking some lovely desserts. If it's not too cold open windows and doors while you clean to freshen the air. Take a cue from real estate open houses, turn as many lights as possible on, even in the daytime. Straighten up your periodicals and put out an art book to show you're more than a pretty face.