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How To Clean A Kitchen Sink So It Shines

How To Clean A Kitchen Sink So It Shines

Jacqueline Hansson from Amy Cleaners shows us how to clean a kitchen sink until it shines. An eight step guide to obtaining a spotless sink in your kitchen.

Step 1: You will need

  • rubber gloves
  • cream cleaner
  • a metal scourer
  • a house hold sponge
  • a soft cloth
  • and paper towels

Step 2: Out with the old

Have a good look at your cleaning cloths. If you have any that look grubby, throw them away. They will only spread dirt and germs.

Step 3: Remove scraps

Brush any food particles from the draining board into the sink. Use your hand or any suitable utensils to gather the dirt and food pieces from the sink and throw into the bin. Do not try and push the pieces down the plug hole as it will block the pipes.

Step 4: Cream cleaner

Give the sink a quick wipe under a running tap to rinse off superficial dirt.

Squirt a cream cleaner over the sink and draining board. A cream cleaner is best on kitchen sinks as its thicker consistence coats the grimier areas, working into grease and dirt. Make sure there is a generous amount around the grubbier places, these will be the sides of the sink and the plug hole.

Step 5: Get Scrubbing

If you have a metal sink use a metal scourer, use a less abrasive scourer if your sink in ceramic. Scrub the entire area. Pay particular attention to any details, such as around the plug and fixings. Clean the taps too. Don't forget the base as well as the handles and spout.

Step 6: Rinse

Start the water running to rinse the cream cleaner away, working it around the sink with the scourer.

Use a sponge to rinse the draining board, wiping the cleaner along the draining board and back into the sink

Step 7: Dry

Dry the entire sink area with a soft cloth. This is important as it removes any final traces of residue left from the cream cleaner

Step 8: The taps

To give a really good shine on the taps give them a final polish with a paper towel. Jacqueline advises using paper towels as they buff without leaving lint.

Have a final check over the sin, lifting any smudges with the paper towels. Spotless