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How To Clean A Rabbit

How To Clean A Rabbit

An expert in small animal care explains the correct way to groom your pet rabbit and how often it needs to be done.

Hi. My name's Marie, and I'm the deputy manager of the small animal department at Wood Green Animal Shelter, and today I'm going to guide you on how to clean your rabbit. Every week, perform a health check on your rabbit to make sure that their coat is in good condition and they've got no mattes or feces built up around the back end.

When you want to check them over, lift them up, support their bottom, and just have a look underneath. Particularly in the long haired breeds, they're going to need grooming potentially every three to four days. You want to check under here to make sure that there's no feces building up around there, and that their coat is in good condition.

If they're housed on the correct bedding, they won't require a bath. They'll simply need just a going over with a fine tooth comb every couple of days, even every week. You'll also need to be checking that their nails are at the correct length.

A rabbit's nails should be done every three to four weeks. Check around their face area as well, to make sure that they've got no discharge, and that their eyes are clean and clear as well. Rabbits' ears can get a little bit waxy, so just check these out.

If they do look a bit dirty, pop the rabbit along to your local vet for a nurse to have a quick look at them for you. If you're needing to do a little check, it's a good idea to have a towel ready for them. Some rabbits won't tolerate you looking at them and turn around, so pop them on a towel, and you can just use the back of it, just to keep them in there, so that will help keep them still.

This way, he's nice and cozy in there, and you can have a little quick look at his nose and about his ears, and you can also check his teeth. The best way to get your rabbits clean around the back area is to litter train the rabbits. So if you're providing the rabbits with a litter tray in their accommodation, you can change these every day and that will prevent a build-up of any feces around the area.

Also keeping them on a correct diet, so lots and lots of hay, around 80% should be in their diet, and a good quality, plain pellet food. So not overfeeding them. And that will ensure that the rabbits can groom themselves out correctly.

A rabbit's coat molts according to the temperature of the year, so they will, during twice a year, have a bit of a strange looking coat. So it is just nice and relaxing for them, just to gently pluck this hair that is loose and coming out. But again, if you keep your rabbits in really good condition, provide them with a good spacious run with lots of exercise, litter train them, you're going to have healthy and clean rabbits. .