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How To Clean A Rabbit Cage

How To Clean A Rabbit Cage

This video gives you all the information you need to keep your rabbit cage in great shape, knowing exactly how to do a good job. A clean cage makes a healthy and happy rabbit.

How to clean a rabbit cage. First of all, remove all your pet's items: food bowls, water bottles, water bowls, toys, treats, and obviously your rabbit. Remove all the bedding, making sure you get every little piece up.

Make sure you clean the base with good pet disinfectant which you can buy from your local vet or pet store. I definitely advise to use a pet disinfectant and not to use your household disinfectant. These are quite harsh and can be quite harmful towards your rabbit, so stay away from those.

Make sure all the accessories you've moved from the cage you've cleaned thoroughly, including the litter box, the food bowl, the water bottles, the hiding hut, the toys and accessories. Make sure you've totally cleaned the accessories thoroughly. You want to make sure it's free of soap and any residue.

Cleaning the cage shouldn't take too long. It should take anything from ten minutes to half an hour -- an hour at the max. If you clean the cage every three to four days, there shouldn't be too much to clean, and not too much to scrub.

As long as you're cleaning the cage regularly, the cage shouldn't be too mucky. The importance of cleaning the cage. You want to make sure that cage is nice and clean, to stop building up bad bacteria that could cause further problems.

Obviously, you want to make sure the fur is nice and clean. If you don't clean the cage, it could have a discoloration to the fur, and you can have a loss of hair caused from the bacteria build-up. It can cause a lot of stress to the rabbit.

Also, by not cleaning, it can cause pesticides. So make sure you do clean that cage, otherwise you will be in for a nasty surprise. Make sure you fly strike your cage every month to three months.

This will prevent any kind of pesticides coming in your cage. Not only can flies be unpleasant for the rabbit, it can also cause worms in your rabbit. So make sure you do fly strike and keep that cage nice and clean.

A lot of the time, rabbits are bought for children as pets. And it's important, even though you are giving your child responsibility, you are checking up on that rabbit every day to make sure they are doing the right thing, the rabbit is nice and clean, there's no health issues going on. Even though you are giving your child a great responsibility, and you think they're doing a good job, you still want to check up on them just in case.

Make sure they're not getting lazy and make sure they clean that cage thoroughly. Even just to check up on the rabbit's health, checking around the eyes, ears, the anus area, and obviously making sure that fur is nice and clean, and away from any kind of ground-in dirt. Keeping that cage nice and clean will keep your rabbit nice and healthy.

And a healthy rabbit is a happy rabbit. And those are my tips on how to clean a rabbit cage. I'm sure you've got plenty of more questions.

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