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How To Clean A Shower Head

How To Clean A Shower Head

Learn in this video how to clean the limescale from inside your shower head by using the simplest method possible. No scrubbing or elbow grease required, just put the head in a plastic bag with some lemon juice, and the acid will start eating away, making your shower head limescale-free.

Hello. My name is Sam. I'm from Cleaner London, and I'm going to show you how to clean a shower head, to remove the limescale.

You'll need a bottle of lemon juice, a plastic bag, and a rubber band. All you do is put the shower head in the plastic bag, you fill the plastic bag with the lemon juice until the head is completely submerged in it. The acid from the lemon will eat away all the limescale, making your shower work much better.

Okay? And then, all we do is tie the elastic band on. And if you leave that for 2 to 4 hours, it will then be limescale-free and easy to use.