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How To Clean Chrome On A Car

How To Clean Chrome On A Car

Cleaning and polishing of chrome on a vehicle is demonstrated here. It is important to keep the chrome on a vehicle clean.

Hi, I'm John from Autovalet UK, the UK's leading car valet company. Today we're going to give you some tips on how to maintain your vehicle and keep it in pristine condition. Today we're going to show you how to clean and polish off chrome.

We'll start by wiping down the chrome with a soapy cloth, making sure to get in all the nooks and crannies. Once that you're happy that you've cleaned all the areas, we'll work from top to bottom. As you can see that most of the dirt will accumulate not just underneath sitting under the lip of the bonnet or around the top part of the chrome, and depending on where this is on your vehicle, you may find that this may vary from chrome to chrome on sections of vehicles.

The best thing to do is to work section by section to ensure that you don't miss any gaps or any places on the chrome. Get yourself a clean cloth and dry off any excess water. Make sure you don't leave any drips or any water on the chrome as this will leave a mark, a water mark on there, and will be extremely difficult to remove later on down the line.

Once you're happy and everything's dry if you want to add an additional shine or gleam to it, you may use a polish and apply polish on the vehicle. If you're dealing with a coated chrome, like on this vehicle, on the plastic bumper, the best thing we would recommend to use would be a good quality car polish, which again you can buy from any car accessory shop or contact ourselves for this. If you're dealing with real chrome then it would ideally be best idea to use a chrome cleaner or metal cleaner on these products to ensure that you get the best result as these are very very prone to scratching.

Another way to polish the vehicle is by putting very very small amounts of polish on your cloth, work it into your cloth so you don't get any excess polish on the vehicle anywhere and just very very lightly rub over the vehicle in all areas. Once this is done allow it to set for a few seconds. Depending on the weather conditions this may take anything up to a minute.

Once it's dry, use a clean dry cloth to buff, not applying too much pressure. And this is how you clean chrome on a vehicle. .