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How To Clean Curtains

How To Clean Curtains

Tired of your dusty, dirty curtains? Sam from Cleaner London and VideoJug teach you to clean your nasty curtains using a simple steam cleaner.

Hi, my name is Sam from Cleaner London, and I'm going to show you how to steam clean curtains. This is a domestic steam cleaning machine, it works by just heating water up to 180 degrees, and in just 10 minutes it's ready to use. it's also good for sanitizing and killing dust allergens and bacteria, which are found in the household.

So all we do is place it on the curtain, and blast the steam into the fabric. This not only sanitizes the curtains, it actually irons them as well. So it's really good for curtains which are difficult to take down, take to the dry cleaner, et cetera.

And we just work our way along, go up and down the curtains, right down to the bottom. And you need to be careful not to leave it in one space for too long, move up and down. And then the creases will drop out, and it freshens it up as well.

And that's how you steam-clean curtains.