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How To Clean Out A Hamster Cage

How To Clean Out A Hamster Cage

Cleaning hamster cages is one responsibility in keeping hamsters as pets. But this video will make it easier for you.

Hi. My name's Marie. I'm the deputy manager of the Small Animal Department of Wood Green Animal Shelters in Cambridge here and I'm going to advise you how to care for hamsters.

All hamster cages come in different shapes and sizes so you may have hamster cages with mesh, may have glass tanks with different levels, and you may also have the plastic solid base tanks. When cleaning out your hamster cage, first of all, you need to make sure your hamsters are secure and away from the environment. You want to opt for a secure small pet carrier, place some of the bedding from the hamster cage in here and then carefully move the hamster in here and then place into a different room so that when you're using the disinfectant, they're not able to get any of the fumes nearby.

Makes sure it's securely done up so they're not going to escape. Once the hamsters are removed, take all of the toys out of the accommodation, spray all those down and wash them out. You then need also to spray down the accommodation as well.

Use a small animal pet disinfectant and spray all the bars and all the base of the cage as well. Use either damp cloth or some kitchen roll and wash it or wipe it all down. Once this is all dry and completely clean, you can then reset the cage.

Use short chopped shredded paper or Carefresh to place on the base of your accommodation. Carefresh is crushed egg carton and it's completely safe for hamsters to use and it's safe against any parasites and nay breathing issues as well as it's not dusty. Short shredded paper is free, everyone's got it and it's easy to use and again it's safe.

Never use wood shavings, it's really bad for parasites. Put a nice deep layer of this on the base of the cage. All hamsters like to have a little dig around and to burrow in to that bedding so do use plenty in there.

Then, you want to refill it with enrichment, the toys. Make sure that you change this around and add new things. You don't have to go out and buy toys for them, you can use all sorts of children's toys, you can use household objects such as betterware tubs and you can use plant pots and even small CD racks as well.

Place these in the cage and make it different and fun for them. Once this is done, make sure you place some bedding into their sleeping area so that they're nice and cozy and they've got somewhere to nest. The best type is a short soft shredded paper, tissue paper, and this can be placed inside their little house areas.

Don't use the cotton ball type because this can wrap around to their toes. Once it's all set up, you'll then need to add food and water. Scatter feed the dry mix and scatter it around the cage.

Don't try to place it in a bowl. The hamsters can get bored and they can get a bit fat as well, so add it around, pop it into the tunnels and make them hunt for it. Lastly, make sure you add a clean fresh water bottle.

Make sure you clean out your water bottle every week with a bottle brush. Make sure you do clean around the spout and use warm water for this. Once that's done, refresh your clean water and place that on the front and that water will need changing daily.

And that's how to clean a hamster cage. .