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How To Clean Skirting Boards

How To Clean Skirting Boards

Clean Skirting Boards. Jacqueline Hansson from Amy Cleaners gets those skirting boards mighty clean. Gives that added spark to any room.

Step 1: You will need

  • Rubber gloves A duster a bucket detergent and a soft cloth

Step 2: Dust

Run a duster the length of the skirting board. Don't miss out the sections under radiators, they can still be seen and are a dust trap.

Step 3: Soapy Mix

Fill about a third of a bucket with warm water. Add a generous squirt of detergent. Froth with your hand to create a good soapy mix.

Step 4: Wipe with a damp cloth

Dip a soft cloth in the water and twist between your hands to remove any excess liquid. Rub along the top of the skirting board using your fingers to press the cloth right into the grooves, removing any hard to reach dust. If you have any visible marks or scuff wipe them away with the cloth, you will find they quickly disappear.

Work your way all the way along the skirting board. If you have a radiator, give the fixings and pipes quick wipe too. And again, be sure to clean the section of skirting board which runs below the radiator.

When you have finished have one final check to make sure you haven't missed any bits. Perfect.