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How To Clean Your House

How To Clean Your House

Cleaning your house regularly and thoroughly is important, especially if you have children. Paul Russell and his spring clean team demonstrate how to do it properly and what rooms to focus particular attention on.

We're going to show you today how to clean your house. As before, preparation is the key. Make sure you've got plenty of cleaning equipment, and you definitely want plenty of cloths.

You want cloths, old t-shirts, tea towels. These are great things, though. Instead of always taking them down to the gym, the best thing that you can do is cut them up, and put them in a bag, and then you can wash them under ninety degrees, and then you always have cloths.

Always start from the top. So, obviously, if you're in a house, you start upstairs. Take the bedrooms and the bathrooms out and work your way down to the kitchen, and work your way towards the door.

The key thing about how often do you clean is: who lives in the house and how often are you in the house. Clearly, if you've got children and they're very young, then you're going to want to be cleaning your house fairly regularly, particularly rooms that are important, such as kitchens and bathrooms. These need to be almost cleaned on a daily basis.

You don't have to clean the whole kitchen. You definitely want to be cleaning things like surfaces, your work tops, your sinks, your floors. Definitely in the bathrooms, you want to be cleaning that on a fairly regular basis as well.

I feel one of the most important things that people often don't realize that they should do is have two mops. You definitely don't want to be mopping the toilet with the same mop and then using that in the kitchen. That's cross-contamination.

The things that people always forget are particularly in the kitchen, on top of the cupboards. When we're doing cleaning, that's the first room we go to, is on tops of the wall units. They very, very, very rarely get cleaned.

Curtains - curtains always tend to get left out. Clearly, also if you've got a lot of furniture in your house, you're not very often going to be moving very heavy furniture. Your sofas may not get cleaned very often, as well as taking allthe cushion covers out, giving them a clean.

Pulling your sofa out, cleaning behind there. So, dust tends to settle on things like door frame, curtains. These are the things that you really should be thinking about wiping down.

And that's how you clean your house. .