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How To: Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

How To: Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Tracy, the cleaning fairy, shows how to thoroughly clean your kitchen cupboards using vinegar and water. It's an effective natural cleaning method.

I'm going to show you how to clean your kitchen cupboards. First, you need to remove all your items from your shelves, and this is also a chance to get rid of things that you don't need. Then, you will need your vinegar and your water, spray it all over your kitchen cupboards like this, take your cloth.

Make sure you clean all your edges, and your sides, back. Now, for these little awkward bits at the corners there that you just can't get into or clean very well, you can use a bit of vinegar there and use your cotton swab, you can get right in those edges like that, all the way along the sides and as you see what you've missed, and over there, and over there and even on your hooks here. Take a paper towel and just dry up any excess water and vinegar.

And then, you continue to the next shelf, removing the items, vinegar and water, cotton swab for the edges and screws, and then up to the top. Then, what you can do is finish off by the back of the cupboards, all the way up the top. Use paper towel to wipe it off and then to finish it off, make sure you do the outside.

And then, if you've got a stainless steel handle, what you can do to make it nice and shiny is use your baby oil, just a tiny little bit like that. And then, that's how you clean your kitchen cupboards.