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How To Cleanse Your Face

How To Cleanse Your Face

Beauty therapist Sarah Chapman shows you how to cleanse your face, an important part of your skincare routine to keep your skin young and healthy looking.

Step 1: Apply cleanser

Cream cleansers should be used for normal to dry skin, and massaged into the skin with your fingers. Work into the skin from the neck upwards, massaging it with your fingers and knuckles into the chin and nose. Wash your hands and massage your skin again with damp hands, to massage water into your pores and lift out the dirt and cleanser.

Step 2: Remove cleanser

Remove the cleanser with a damp flannel, cotton wool, or a muslin cloth.

Step 3: Toner

This isn't essential, but it will remove any cleanser residue and refresh the skin. Use a gentle toner such as rosewater applied with cotton wool. Avoid alcohol based toner which may strip the skin. Sweep the cotton wool across the face and neck with upward movements.

Step 4: Oil-based cleansers

Oil-based cleansers can be used for oily skin. Massage into the skin as before, and remove with a damp flannel.

Step 5: Face washes

Face washes can also be used for oily skin. Put some gel into the palm of your hand and add water to create a lather. Massage into the skin as before, and remove with a flannel.

Step 6: After cleansing

Apply a day or night moisturiser after cleansing. Approximately once a week exfoliate your skin after cleansing.