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How To Clip Chicken Wings

How To Clip Chicken Wings

|How to Clip Chicken Wings: This video shows the proper way to clip a chickens wings. If done properly it doesn't hurt the chicken a bit. It actually calms them a bit and they can't stray very far from the coop. Just like clipping your nails.

How To Clip Chicken Wings

Hi my name's Suzie Baldwin and I run Golden Valley Poultry. I'm going to be talking to
you about keeping chickens. Different breeds have more of a chance of needing clipping.

In the chicken world it's: white leghorns, araucanas, araucanas and campines the flighty
birds with not a lot of body weight. I would say to a lot of the heave breeds really do not
need it, there's no need to do it. Hybrids, it's a good idea to clip the wings.

Just grounds
them, they're nervous when you take them home and pretty scared and it just settles them
down a bit. Stops them being quite as agile. Now a lot of people cringe when I mention
clipping chicken wings.

It doesn't hurt them if done properly, it's just like doing your
nails. They don't bat an eyelid, but you do need to be careful there are blood vessels in
there and you don't want to be hitting them.
Now when you spread your chickens wings you'll see the flight feathers at the top and
then you've got what I call the keep warm feathers.

Never take these keep warm feathers
off it keeps the girls warm. Now there's always a separation feather, which you can see
here in the middle, that's where you start to make your cut. You take a nice sharp pair
of scissors, spreading the bird's wing out and making sure you don't go below the line
of feathering here.

If you go below that your likely to hurt the chicken and make it bleed
and it will bleed believe me. So take your scissors, start just after the separating
feather and go straight across. Sounds awful but as you can see she doesn't feel a thing.

Just like doing your nails. You only do one side you don't do both wings, otherwise they
will be just as nimble. And that's how to clip bird wings.