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How To Color Your Hair From A Box

How To Color Your Hair From A Box

You can get great hair color with at-home products. Follow these simple hair coloring tips and save yourself a fortune.

Step 1: Price Point

There are hundreds of products that will give you just about the same results. Prices range from five dollars to twenty dollars. Stick to name brands that are competitively priced.

Step 2: Careful With Color

Master colorist Nancy Braun suggests staying within a couple shades of your natural hair color when using at-home products. When you start dying three shades away from your natural hair color, the results can be brassy. Most boxes will show you the expected results based on your current hair color but everyone's hair pulls color differently so it's best to start small.

Step 3: Commitment

Semi or non-permanent color will fade after approximately six to 28 washes. Permanent color will not. Highlights can range from temporary to permanent as well, so be sure to read the box.

Step 4: Test

Before you start, test the solution on a few strands of your hair to make sure this particular dye won't turn your locks orange or pink. Then, mix together a teaspoon of the solution and dab it on the inside of your elbow. If nothing too terrible happens after 48 hours, you're good to go!

Step 5: Dye Away

Use Vaseline around your hairline to avoid dying your skin. Most products will have you mix the solution in a bottle and distribute it evenly throughout your hair, working from the roots outward. You can use a comb to help spread the dye evenly. If you want stronger results, try wrapping a plastic bag around your hair and using a hairdryer over the bag. The heat makes the chemicals react better. Leave the solution in for as long as the box recommends.

Step 6: Correct

Damaged hair accepts color quicker than undamaged hair so the dye job may turn out uneven. You can re-apply in spots, but remember some hair dye becomes unusable 30 minutes after it's mixed. If this is the case, you'll need a second box.

Step 7: Maintain

Now that you have a beautiful new color, you'll want to maintain it. Use shampoo and conditioner for color- treated hair. Avoid chlorine and excessive sun, washing and heat. Re-do your roots every 4 - 6 weeks. When the compliments come rolling in, tell them it cost you a fortune. Your secret's safe with us!