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How To Colour Icing

How To Colour Icing

Learn a few tips and tricks from a professional to make your frosting look its best for decorating cakes and cookies.

We're David and David, and you're in Outsider Tart in London, an American style bakery, and today we're going to show you some tips and tricks on frosting and finishing cakes. I'm going to show you how to make colored icing. Alright, so we've got a little bit of vanilla butter cream that we made earlier and we're going to turn this pink by adding some food coloring, red food coloring, and it's best to do that again in small increments.

We're going to add about a half a teaspoon at a time until we get the desired shade of pink that we want. Put that in. We're going to mix this by hand.

It should be more than enough of what we have here. And it's best when you have a whole full batch. You can do multiple colors and separate them down into smaller batches and then you can have several different colors to work with and create a palette.

So, here's the one issue. We have a good shade of pink but if you can see the frosting has become grainy and a little too wet. So to fix that, we just fold in a little more powdered sugar to dry it back out and to give us a better spreading consistency and a more consistent color and shade to the frosting.

So, just make giant S shapes and it will come together. You will make a bit of a mess, so don't worry. There we are.

You want to make to scrape deep and low so you don't have any powdered sugar left in the frosting and the color is all even, which is what we have here, and there you have the finished frosting. Another way you can also achieve the same thing and not use a synthetic product, like a food coloring, even though you can use natural food colorings is to use a little bit of strawberry juice. Everybody has frozen strawberries in their supermarkets.

Get it, puree it in your blender, and you can use that, which is what this is, to achieve another pink color as an alternative. So, darker shades of color in your frosting are hard to achieve, but the best way to get a really dark dark color is start out with what we have here, what we made earlier is that vanilla butter cream, and we're going to add cocoa powder to it. So, I add about a half a cup.

You can judge for yourself to get a nice dark shade and you'll just mix that in. You can always add a little more frosting into your base. So, a good tip is you can always add to, it's very difficult to take away from.

We were a little aggressive with our cocoa at first so we'll make a larger batch. So, this is mixing in. You're going to create a darker shade.

This gives nice really dark shades and backgrounds to reds or blues or any color, and this we're going to do a black. So, what we've done, we've taken that white and made it a nice base brown, and to that, we're going to start adding our color now. There's different kind of colors out there.

There's liquid color and there's also paste. When I'm trying to get a really nice dark black color, I find that paste colors work better. They give you a nice intense shade.

You also don't have to use quite so much as you do with liquid, and which, I think, imparts a little bit to the taste. So if you're going for light shade, by all means use liquid food coloring, but for darker shades where you're going to add a lot to get an intense color, I find the paste to be better. As you can see, it's already starting to come together.

You're going to get a good arm out of this. And don't worry, if your frosting comes out a little too thick, you can always just add in a little more milk a little bit at a time to thin it. You want to scrape deep down into your bowl and there you see we're getting a nice mat black.

We're going to add a little more color to this to finish it up. A little dab. And you just want to make sure you make it nice and consistent so whether you're piping or you're spreading, you don't have a surprise somewhere down the road like we just got another glob of brown.

There we go. And you can also do this on the stand mixer or your mixing bo