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How To Communicate With Angels

How To Communicate With Angels

This is a video on the basic tips to contact your angels or archangels. If you've always wondered how to do that, follow the tips provided by this psychic. This might just help you!

I'm going to tell you in this video how you can communicate with your angels. We all have our own guardian angel which is really something that's there from the beginning of our life, somebody that's there around us all the time, a little bit like a spirit guide. If you would like to communicate with your angels, you merely just have to talk to them.

A good way of getting a good night sleep is to ask your angels to give you a good night sleep. It's as simple as that. Just ask them to take over that worry and that stress about not being able to drop off to sleep at night, and you will find that you will get a good night sleep.

The other way of contacting your angels is through meditation. Close your eyes and just ask your angels to draw near to you. You would sense or feel them coming near as you would if you were asking your spirit guide to come near.

With your angels, they are there all the time for you. But you may find that there are angels that you need to call on specifically at certain times. Archangel Michael is the angel that looks after and protects you and all your belongings, your house or anything that's surrounding you, the people that you love.

If you wish to contact Archangel Michael, just ask him to draw near and protect you. I ask him to protect my car if I'm parking somewhere that I don't really feel safe leaving it. If I'm going on holiday, I always ask Archangel Michael to guard and look after my house.

I ask Archangel Rafael to look after me if I'm not well or if I know somebody that needs healing as they are the angel of healing. You just have to ask and they will be there. Archangels are really angels that are over the other angels.

They are the ones who look after your everyday angels. Sometimes, when you're working with angelic powers, you will find a white feather. Once, on a workshop, I went away for a week.

I came back, undid my case and found a white feather inside the case. I hadn't packed and I had no idea how it got there. But, on this workshop on this course, we were working with angelic powers.

It's quite common to ask your angels for help and find a white feather oft with. Just by asking and calling them to come near is just one way of getting them to draw close to you. You may like to do more in-depth meditation if you specifically want to feel them close to you.

And that is how you call and communicate with your angels. .