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How To Communicate With The Spirit World

How To Communicate With The Spirit World

Learn about the various ways to communicate with the spirit world from a professional clairvoyant who gives a first-hand account of the subject.

In this video, I am going to show you how you can communicate with the spirit world. A lot of people ask how you can communicate with someone who has passed over to the other side. My real advice is to go and find somewhere you can train and learn how to do this.

It's always best to go somewhere you feel safe and comfortable, to train with other people, to get their energy and to use whatever methods of communicating with the spirit world that you find are the best. Some people hear spirits, they talk to them. This is clairaudient; you can hear the person's voice outside your head.

This is very rare, though, and most people tend to hear the voice within their head and it's their own voice doing the talking but relaying the messages from the other side. Some people see spirits, in their head or outside their body. If you see somebody in spirit, you may see them in your head which is clairvoyantly, to see a solid form outside is not something that happens very often but some people are very lucky and are able to see spirit in solid form.

The other way of knowing the spirit is there is to feel and sense their energy, this is called clairsentient where feelings are transferred and transmuted into pictures inside your head. For example, I may feel someone beside me and that feeling becomes a picture inside my mind. From that, I build up a picture of the person that I have in spirit.

When you are giving somebody a message from the spirit world, you need to be able to provide the evidence and not just say that you have their mom or their dad or their uncle or their aunty. You need to be able to describe them and that is where the clairvoyance comes in because you will see that person. Maybe their face won't be clear but you will get a general description of what they look like.

You also need to be able to offer evidence of something significant like maybe they had one eye brown and one eye blue or maybe they could not talk properly or maybe they had a wooden leg or grey hair. You just need to give a little more evidence to the person sitting opposite of you. That is how you communicate with the spirit world. .