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How To Compress Photos To Email

How To Compress Photos To Email

Are the photos from your new digital camera to large to send by email? In this Videojug film Nikki Moore, technology writer and presenter shows you how to compress images on a PC and Mac so you can send them by email.


On a Mac: open iPhoto by clicking on the iPhoto icon.

Select the picture you want to email.

Click on 'File' then click on 'Export'.

Under the 'JPEG Quality' drop-down menu select 'Low (smallest size)', then click 'Export'.

Name the newly compressed photo and click 'OK'.

Go to your 'Pictures' folder and select the photo.

Click on 'File' and the on 'Mail Selected Image'. This will open up an email message with your photo attached. Click 'Send' to send the compressed photo with your email.

On a PC: right-click on the photo you wish to compress.

Select 'Open With' then select 'Microsoft Office Picture Manager'.

Select the pictures you wish to compress.

Click on the 'Picture' tab, then click 'Compress Pictures' from the drop-down menu.

A menu will appear on the right-hand side of the window. Under the 'Compress for' option click 'E-mail messages' and click 'OK'.