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How To Conceal A Gift

How To Conceal A Gift

Want to save money by learning how to wrap difficult gifts? Save the embarrassment of showing up with a badly wrapped gift with this easy gift wrapping video.

Hi, I'm Elva from Wrapology, today I'm going to give you some tips on gift wrapping. In this video, I'm going to show you how to wrap a difficult item, and this time, we are using a banana. You need a piece of paper, double sided tape, and the scissors.

The banana is a strange shape. The trick is not to make the paper follow the shape of the item, but to make a piece of packaging that the gift fits into. This technique is called envelope wrapping.

Fold your paper into the middle, like one-third. Put some double sided tape up to the edge. Fold another side, just covering the double sided tape, peel it off, close it.

For one side, fold it up. Same as another side. We cut off little triangle, finish by folding that.

Cut to the inside middle. Double sided tape to the edge. To protect your item, maybe you need a little bit of tissue paper wrapped around.

And we put the item in the envelope. Put double-sided to the edge. Close your wrapping.

This is how you wrap a difficult item.