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How To Conceal Bags Under Your Eyes

How To Conceal Bags Under Your Eyes

Videojug will show you the perfect application of concealer to cover up bags or dark circles under your eyes in this short video. Watch this, and look years younger by concealing the bags under your eyes.

Step 1: Choose Your Concealer

Have your dark circles recently reappeared? Learn how to conceal them the VideoJug way.

Concealers come in tubes, sticks and pots. Tubes contain the lightest formulas and are good for light coverage, while sticks are more opaque. Pots are the most opaque of all and good for dark bags...but don't use too much.

The hardest part is picking the right shade of concealer. Go for a concealer color just a tiny bit lighter than your skin color.

Step 2: Prep Your Skin

Make sure your undereye area is well-moisturized. If there's any hint of dryness, the concealer will instantly reveal itself and turn chalky presence.

If you wear foundation, put it on before applying concealer.

Step 3: Apply The Concealer

Use a small nylon concealer brush. The brush lets you put pigment exactly where you need it.

When it comes to concealer, less is more. Put on too much, and it looks obvious.

Don’t rub. Don’t smear. Don’t stroke. Pat, pat, pat. Pat, pat, pat.

Step 4: Assess The Application

Take a moment to let the concealer set. If there's still darkness under your eye, go for that second application. But keep it light.