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How To Configure A Netgear Wireless Router

How To Configure A Netgear Wireless Router

Never have trouble setting up a router again with this video tutorial. Not only will setting up a router be simple, you will learn how to choose the settings you really want.

Hi. My names Steve Ling, and I'm from PC Paramedics. I'd like to show you how to configure a Netgear wireless router and connect it to the internet.

For this; we're going to need a PC connected to the router by an ethernet cable, and we're going to make our configuration simply by using the web browser. Some netgear, and other brands of routers, come with a CD for configuration. Most people prefer to not use the CD and to simply use a web browser, to configure the router the way you want.

For that we're going to open up a web browser, such as internet explorer, and that's what I'm going to use today.Open up Internet Explorer, and in the address bar, we type in http, colon, forward slash forward slash, and the dotted decibel address of the router which is shown in your information here. In this particular case, the address is 192.

168.0.1 and we hit return.

That gives us a user name and password, which has defaults, and you are able to change then as part of the configuration. But the default in the case of this of this particular netgear is admin, and password. Quite simple and you can see why you would probably want to change them.

Having entered those, you're now brought into a configuration screen. There's a simple setup with it, which you could run through, but I prefer today, to take you through setting the router up, configuring it manually. So the first thing we want to do is say no, we want to configure the router ourselves, and click next.

In this particular box its asking if out internet connection requires a logon, as most do. So the answer is yes. The most common encapsulation used in the UK is PPOA, so we'll leave that setting, which is the default setting.

And in here is where we are going to put the user name and password that's been supplied by your Internet Service Provider. Now there is my user name, and my password is quite a complicated one. If your Internet Service Provider has provided you with a fixed IP address, this is the box in which you'll install it.

So you could use fixed IP address and enter your fixed IP. In the majority of cases, you'll be assigned an IP address by your Internet service Provider so you can leave the default setting as it is. The main name servers again, as with your fixed IP address, you can automatically get your domain names from your internet service provider.

Now we just simply click apply, to save those settings, and we move on to the next part of the configuration. Which in this case is going to be our wireless settings. Here, our site identification.

It defaults to netgear when you first buy it, you may wish to put something that's more easily recognizable, by you. An important part is to get the correct region area, because it changes the power output of your router, and it is in fact illegal to use USA, when you are in fact, in Europe. Here an important feature is the channel number that the router is working on.

Here its defaulted to 11. There are 13 channels you can choose, and the reason you might want to change that is to get better range, better wireless around the property. For the moment, we'll leave it on channel 11.

You can change the mode, in which the router uprates, 54 megabytes, wireless b, wireless g, wireless g only, or you can out it into auto, which will give you up to 108 megabytes on this particular router. That's quite fast performance when you consider that most people don't have more than 24 megabytes of broadband bandwidth anyway. We need to tell the router that its going to function as a wireless access point, and if you'd like, that identification name to be broadcast so the whole world can see it, you can leaved that checked.

Now, a very important thing is to put security on, so that people can't use your broadband when they shouldn't be. A very common one would be to use WPAPSK. So wie'll click on there, and that box will expand now, to allow us to put in a preshared key.

So there's my