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How To Configure Etorrent

How To Configure Etorrent

Torrents are a terrific way to quickly download music, videos, and other files. This short video will get you started sharing in no time!

Hi, my name is Steve from PC Paramedics. We're often asked about torrents, and "What are torrents?" Torrents are simply applications that transfer and compress files across the internet very quickly. Typical files might be applications, programs, music, or videos.

The use of torrents needs to be regulated quite carefully because it's easy to infringe copyright laws with the use of torrents. For today's purposes, we're going to use a simple torrent called uTorrent. I'm going to show you how to download it and start using the program.

We go to our PC, and we open up a web browser. I'm going to use Google chrome, and I'm going to type into the search engine box "uTorrent download." That is giving me a free download for uTorrent.

You can choose any number of these, but I know this one, the second one down works particularly well. It gives us two choices, the stable version of uTorrent, that is the existing one, the one that is known and tested, and a beta version, a more up to date version but not completed in testing yet. We are going to go with the known version.

I clicked on download and it comes up and says I'm just about to start downloading. Down at the bottom we can see its already saying "save that". There is a uTorrent executable application that we will double click on and we get the run dialog box come up.

Click on next. Next again. Now we agree to the license application.

Here is a couple of choices where we want to install the program. I'm going to install it to the default C:\Program Files\UTorrent. I want to create a start menu entry, but I don't want a quick launch icon for this.

I'm going to have a shortcut on the desktop so I can find it next time. Click next. Here is something you might want to look at carefully.

Yes, we do want an exception in our windows firewall so our torrent will work, but I don't necessarily want the torrent to start every time windows starts, so I'm going to uncheck that box. Clicking next, now its giving me some options which help pay for that particular application. I'm going to uncheck changing my home page, and I don't want to change my default search provider, but I do need to accept the license.

and I'm going to click install. There, our torrent is already installed. We can close this down, and simply go up here to check for something.

I'm going to use a musical artist. Let's see what's available on the internet from him. I've got lots of torrents here now.

There is one particular download torrent which is an album "Ultimate Santana." Now bear in mind that by taking this down, you are infringing copyright. I'm simply showing you how it works.

There in a nutshell is the use of a torrent and we used uTorrent as an example.