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How To Connect Psp To Internet

How To Connect Psp To Internet

Watch this Videojug movie to get step by step instructions on how to connect your PSP to the internet. It points out the right mode to choose and how to proceed using key controls. It is important to name your internet connection when you are connecting via the Wi-Fi. When your PSP is connected to the internet, it will provide you all the information regarding the network.

Hi, my name is Pazbi. I'm the deputy editor of Thumbculture.com and I'm going to teach you about the PSP.

In this video I'm going to show you how to connect your PSP to the internet.
First thing you need to do is switch on the PSP and make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is on. On this hand side, there's a switch.

Push it up. Once you're on the dashboard, you need to go to the Settings and then down to the Network Settings and click X. there's two options Ad Hoc Mode and Infrastructure Mode.

You have to go to Infrastructure mode, press X and then add New Connection.

Now if you know the address of the wireless settings then you can Enter Manually or you can Scan for available Wi-Fi connections. So here we got the Videojug Wi-Fi.

It'll ask you for the ID but that's selected automatically. Then you press Right to go to the next option. It will ask you for a security type, this one is WPA-PSK, press Right again, then you enter the key and then when you have got the key pressed in, press Right again and just use Easy for the Address Settings if you don't know what they are or if you do, just use Custom.

Press Right again. Now you get to name the connection name, just something that'll help you know what it is. then right again, it will give you a summary of all the settings that you've done. So Right again and you then you press X to save the settings.

Okay, once you've got these settings saved, test the connection to see if it is working. Okay. So as you can see we have a 90% signal strength, and it tells you the IP, the security and all the other networking information that you need.

And that's how you connect your PSP to the internet. .