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How To Connect To Xbox Live With A Router

How To Connect To Xbox Live With A Router

Have an xbox 360 and you want to learn how to connect to xbox live? This video will show you how to accomplish that and in no time, you will be playing multiplayer.

Hi, I am Rene Millman, editor of Absolute Gadget. Today I am going to be talking about the xbox 360. In this video, we will be showing you how to connect to xbox live with a router.

If you have an xbox 360 and you want to play multiplayer games, either against friends who also have xbox 360 or for people around the world, you will need connecting your xbox to a router. It is done by plugging in an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet plug on the back of your xbox and then, connecting the other end of that cable to a router. A router, the back of the router will look a lot like this, where one entry is connected via a phone line or a cable network and the other 4 will be free.

You just simply plug in you cable into the router and then you can go into the settings, and change. So we go down and select with the A network settings, configure the network. It is always best to set this up automatically and then you come back and then you just test your xbox live connection by pressing the A button.

We are not going to send any information. And here, the xbox connects to the network, then internet and then finally to xbox live. If you do encounter a problem, always check that your connections are firmly established, make sure that the router cables are properly inserted and also make sure that you still got an internet connection by just testing out the internet on another PC or computer that you have on your network or at home.

If after that you are still finding difficulties in connecting your xbox 360 to the xbox 360 live network, you may want to check with your provider if they allow connectivity to the xbox live network. .