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How To Connect Your Television To Your Computer

How To Connect Your Television To Your Computer

A home entertainment expert shows us how to connect a PC or laptop to a TV screen. Thought it was compex? Not with this clear and eay to understand video.

Hello, my name is Andre Skepple. I am the TV and home systems expert at Micro Anvika, Westfield branch. First is this cable, this is the VGA cable, it's the same cable you'd connect to a monitor.

You connect straight to a laptop where it's got a VGA OUT and then simple enough on your HD TV, most of them will have something called PCN. All you need to do is connect is straight in. We need a sound solution, so we've got a jack to jack cable, or sometimes depending on the television you may need to get a jack to RCA cable to connect it.

So now we have this connected straight out of our sound card, then on the same for the television you see a jack input here labelled PC or DVI AUDIO IN. All you do is connect straight up, simple enough. So now once we've connected our computer to our screen, we need to set the input.

So you select SOURCE and you need to select the correct input for the PC.