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How To Contact, Find, And Make Friends On Myspace

How To Contact, Find, And Make Friends On Myspace

VideoJug shows you a simple guide to contacting, finding, and making friends on the popular social networking site MySpace.

Step 1: Open profile

First of all, go to www.myspace.com and enter your email address and password. This will take you to your myspace profile homepage.

Step 2: Search

In the myspace navigation bar, click search. This will take you to the Myspace profile search page. Here you can find a friend.

To find a friend, you can search by their actual name, their display name, or email address. As there are at least 163 million myspace users, entering an email address is usually the best way of finding your friend.

There's also a classmate finder. Enter the school name, the country, and the region of the country. This will list anyone who has entered their school on their profile.

You may want to search myspace's networks for a friend or contact. Choose a field - for example 'television', a sub-field to narrow it down, for example 'production', a role, for example 'producer'. Lastly enter a keyword - which could be a company name or your friend's name.

Step 3: Contact a friend

Once you have found your friend, click on their profile thumbnail to look at their profile to check it is actually who you think it is.

You now have two options of getting in contact with this person. To send them a message click 'Send a message', type your message in the box, and click 'Send'. Your friend will receive an email saying that you have sent them a message through Myspace, and when they log into their profile, it will say 'New messages!'.

The other option is to 'add' them as a friend. Click on 'add to friends'. Myspace will ask for confirmation. Click 'add to friends'. Your friend will receive an email saying that you have sent them a friend request through myspace, and when they log into their profile, it will say 'New friend requests!'. It's then up to them to decide whether they wish to you to be added to their friends list.

Step 4: Find new friends

Myspace is a social networking site. Whether you are a musician wishing to share your music, a photographer wanting to show your pictures to the world, or a lonely singleton looking for love, it's easy to find new people and befriend them.

You can browse Myspace by clicking on people's thumbnails, checking out their profiles, having a look at their friends list, and clicking on anyone who takes your fancy. When you find someone you like - be it a standup comedian, or a pretty lady, click 'Add to friends'. That person will recieve your friend request and its up to them to decide whether they want you or not. Once you are friends with each other, you can leave 'Comments' on each other's pages which appear on the comments list on the bottom right of your profile. You'll also recieve email updates of any new comments on your profile.

Whenever you post a 'Bulletin', everyone on your friends list will see it and be able to open it. Also you can post blogs on your page which your friends can subscribe to. They will get an email everytime you post a new blog, and a message on their myspace homepage saying 'New blog subscription posts'.