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How To Contact Your Spirit Guide

How To Contact Your Spirit Guide

A wonderful video that teaches you how to get in contact with your spirit guide and the signs to watch for that your guide is near.

In this video, I'm going to tell you how you can contact your spirit guide. A lot of people ask me this as a teacher of development and spiritual awareness. The one thing that I think is very important is for you to be able to meditate properly.

If you can't meditate, this is a fundamental thing of all spiritual development. You will not be able to contact your spirit guide. What you need to be able to do is to be able to meditate.

To be able to meditate is a really fundamental tool to our spiritual development. The easiest way to contact your spirit guide is to follow this step by step. The rule I usually teach people is first of all, get yourself two chairs and face the chairs opposite of each other.

Sitting in one chair yourself and close your eyes. Ask your spirit guide to draw close to you. Don't worry if you can't feel anything at first.

Just sit quietly and ask him to come near and close to you. And ask him to sit in the chair opposite you. Sometimes, you will see in your mind's eye a shape or form.

Sometimes, you will feel an energy. Sometimes, you feel nothing at all. But just trust what you're getting and don't change it.

Allow that person to form their energy on that chair opposite of you. Sometimes, you will not be able to see their face. Sometimes, they will make themselves known to you quite strongly in solid form.

This comes with practice, so don't worry if you're not feeling any of this the first attempt. Allow the energy to form on the chair opposite you, and take notice either by sense or seeing clairvoyantly in your mind, what that person looks like, what they're wearing. Often, you will not see their face, and some people never see their spirit guide's face.

Ask them to give you a sign so that you know when they're near to you. Sometimes, this may be that you get a fragrance, like flowers or some sort of sandalwood smell, or burning. Some people even get burnt toast when their spirit guide is near.

You may also ask them to give you a name. It may be that you do not get this straight away, so don't worry, this may come a few days later or many times after meditating. You may find that you get a name that plops into your head, and just go with it.

When you got this person or this energy on the chair opposite you, ask them to let you know how you can tell they're near you. By your sensation, by letting you feel perhaps goosebumps or you may feel them stroking your hair. It's quite common for people to feel their spirit guide touching their face.

Just trust with what you get. And that's how to contact your spirit guide. .