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How To Cook A 2 Minute Sponge In The Microwave

How To Cook A 2 Minute Sponge In The Microwave

This VideoJug film gives you very easy, and detailed step by step instructions on cooking a sponge cake in the microwave. So take a few moments to watch this video, and learn how to make a delicious cake in the microwave!

Hi, I'm Jennifer Marshall Jenkinson, chairman of the U.K. microwave technologies association, and author of the prize winning cookbook "Microwave Magic the art of twenty first century cooking".

Here we are in our bowl. We've got 175 grams of self raising flan that I'm sifting through the bowl. I'm going to add 175 grams of sugar, and I always use raw granulated sugar.

I'm going to pop in three eggs. There we are. And 175 grams of butter.

There we are. 100 mls of milk. Now I'm going to make a plain white spongecake this afternoon, but if you wanted to make a chocolate spongecake all you'd have to add is one tablespoon of cocoa powder.

Now I'm going to mix this together. They we are. There's our mixture combined.

Now the one good thing with microwave cakes as well, is you don't have to spend an age beating all the ingredients together. The microwave itself does that in the cooking process. So here's our blended cake mixture.

I've got two prepared cake tins here. Two microwave cake tins that I've greased, and as you can see lined with a little bit of grease proof paper. I'm going to divide the mixture between the two.

Now each one of these goes into the oven for two and a half minutes at a time. So, we're going to cook this one. This should be a 900 watt oven here.

So, two and a half minutes, and we'll see how that cooks. Then we're going to cook the other one for two and a half minutes as well. Here's our first cake coming out of the oven after two and a half minutes.

Now you can tell if the cake is cooked just by pressing your finger on the top of the sponge, and you can see that it's quite spongy there. Now, if you touch it and it doesn't, it feels cooked underneath, there might be a slight layer of wet cake mixture on the top. Just put a plate over the top of the cake and leave it to stand for two minutes.

The steam that comes off of the cake will actually complete the cooking time. So, there's our first cake mixture made, and we'll need that to stand to go cold and I'll turn that out in a moment. When we were making the cake I mentioned that with the addition of one tablespoon of cocoa powder we could actually make a chocolate cake.

That's what I've cooked this afternoon as well, and I'm just going to spread the top of it with some strawberry jam. Top it with a little bit of whipped cream. Of course, you can't do this until the cake has actually gone cold.

Put the other half of that cake on the top. And finish it just with a dusting of icing sugar. And what couldn't be easier than that.

A lovely family sponge cake. Look at that at least five centimeters high made in five minutes in total, and five minutes mixing time.