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How To Cook Haddock

How To Cook Haddock

Learn to select and cook a delicious piece of Smoked Haddock! Know what to look for when buying Haddock. These instructions are perfect for fish pies and fish cakes.

Hi, welcome to Broadway Market at the Fin and Flounder. I'm here with my colleague Paul. We're going to show you how to cook and prepare fish and hopefully go through the quality and products that we have in the shop as well.

So, I'm going to talk you through smoked haddock, and how to find and cook it. Now this is a really nice piece of smoked haddock. One of the main areas you would see it from, and most well known, is Grimsby.

These are smoked in Grimsby and the haddock is caught on the actual Haddock coastline. And what they do is they smoke it in a kiln. It is obviously becoming a bit more industrial now where they put it into a kind of electric kiln, and then they shut the door to a fridge where it's sealed and then smoked.

But traditionally it would've gone without chipping and would have been strung up and left flat like that, or it would've been strung up like this, put it at the top. Now you can buy dyed and you can buy undyed. This is undyed, smoked haddock and the way you can tell it is the actual dye, is that it has a really yellow tinge, a very very kind of strong yellow.

As you can see, this is kind of a slight off opaque yellow. It's difficult to explain, we don't sell the dyed ones where they use colorings. A lot of the colorings now are more natural.

What it is normally used for is fish pies, and maybe fish cakes. The best way to cook this is to poach it in milk. So you can leave the skin on, cook it in normal milk, and skim or full fat for about four to five minutes and then you just flake it off.

Then you can either roll it into fish cakes or you can put it into your fish pies. It's used with kind of poached egg, a kind of alternative breakfast.