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How To Cook Lamb Mince

How To Cook Lamb Mince

This short clip shows how to cook the perfect lamb mince, suitable for many dishes and many occasions. Follow these simple steps and be a kitchen pro!


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I'm going to show you how to make lamb mince. With lamb mince, you can make shepherd's pie, serve it with rice, or even serve it with pasta. Into a medium to hot pan with some olive oil, we are going to fry up some vegetables.

In here, we have some onion, some carrot, celery and garlic. We are going to sweat the vegetables for three to four minutes and then, I'm going to add my good quality lamb mince. At this time, I would add a good pinch of sea salt.

If you're buying quality lamb mince, it shouldn't have too much fat in it so when you start to cook it, you won't have all of that fat spitting out. With the lamb, you need to break it down so that you don't have any really big lumps. Give the pan a shake.

Then, in goes my bay leaf. That is going to add a lovely flavour. Next, add your tomato puree and a nice sprinkling of flour before you start cooking it out.

Add almost a couple of tablespoons and then work that puree into the rest the ingredients. Once that starts to warm up, it will break down quite nicely. Then, what I'm going to do is add a really light sprinkling of flour at this stage.

We want the flour to be cooked out by the time we actually serve the sauce which will take a good half an hour. We've not added much, it just thickens the sauce quite nicely. Here, I have a lamb stock which I will add into the mix and then, cook it out for about twenty minutes.

You can see that thickening up quite nicely there. When the stock is in, you need to cook it out for about twenty minutes, very slowly. Now, that is ready, I'm going to serve it up.

There you go, that is how to cook lamb mince. .