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How To Cook Zucchini

How To Cook Zucchini

This video is an in-depth how-to on cookery with Matt from Underground Cookery School and he will be demonstrating how to cook zucchini on a griddle.

Hi there, I'm Matt from the Underground Cookery School, and today I'm going to do a video cookery lesson for you. Today, I'm going to show you how to griddle a zucchini. My first tip is I like to cut them on the angle because I think it makes them look a little more interesting.

Now, you can just cut them as a straight forward disk so it would be flush at 90 degrees. The next thing is just lay them on the griddle and now the interesting thing about this griddle is I've had it on the go for about 10 minutes so there is a ferocious heat coming from it. Whenever you cook with a griddle, don't ever put fat or oil onto the griddle pan, it doesn't need it, it will burn.

It will end up in there and whatever you end up cooking will also burn. Now I reckon at about 45 seconds, every time you turn the courgette and I'm going to turn them 4 times, 2 on each side. The reason I'm going to turn them is because I want them to have a nice lattice pattern so if I now turn that by 90 degrees, we will end up with exactly that.

Now, you will see what I mean in a minute when I turn them back around but I have always said 10 to 5 and 5 past 7 if the griddle was a clock face. If I now turn these around, I'm just giving them a little bit more time but if I turn them around, we should ultimately end up with exactly what I'm looking for which I have there which is that nice lattice griddle pattern. We are going to turn those over and because it has been on there for so long I can almost get away with just turning those around now not having to wait quite so long and then the final one goes over there.

What I can now do is, I like to put them on a rack because if you put them flush on a plate all that happens is the vegetable or the heat from the vegetable ends up steaming so I'm going to leave those on there just to cool down. Turn that griddle pan off and that is how to griddle zucchini. .