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How To Cope With A Receding Hairline

How To Cope With A Receding Hairline

Balding can seriously effect a man's self esteem, but there are many ways to cope with a receding hairline which will make you look stylish and help restore confidence. VideoJug are here to show you just how that's done.

Step 1: Find a good hairdresser

A good hairdresser will be skilled in advising how to best disguise or compliment your receding hairline, taking issues such as hair colour and face shape in to consideration. Balding is a gradual process, so sticking with the same hairdresser long term means they can style you appropriately as both your hair, and fashions change.

Step 2: Grow on top

Having your hair left longer at the top front, and cut in a choppy, stylish manner can be a great look. The length can be used to conceal the hairline. Leave the hair longer at the temples, and shorter but fuller at the back. This may accentuate the forehead slightly, but the look will be a lot more natural.

Step 3: Long hair

If you are in the early stages of a receding hairline, but otherwise have a full head, you could try growing your hair in to a stylish shaggy cut. A medium to long length which is equal all over can be left to fall over the forehead, hiding the hairline altogether.

Step 4: The medium-short cut

If thinning at the temples, you can use this to your advantage. Have your hair cut to a medium-short length, and brush it back away from the forehead. This embraces the shape that your receding hairline has created, and can look very suave and distinguished. It does however require great confidence.

Step 5: The shaved head

Shaving your head may seem daunting, but it is very fashionable. It will be harder for people to tell if you are balding, or just stylish.

Step 6: Colour

Dying your hair can add body and thickness. Make sure you stick with a natural colour slightly darker than your own, and beware using any dye if you are greying. Alternatively, a gloss will add the same thickness, but does not change the colour.

Step 7: Have confidence

Despite popular male opinion, not all women are turned off by a bald head. What is important is to feel confident with your look, and carry yourself well.