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How To Copy A Key In Sixty Seconds

How To Copy A Key In Sixty Seconds

Learn how to make a copy of a regular key in under 60 seconds! Using household items for less than one dollar!

Step 1: Cut A Rectangle On An Empty Can

All you are going to need is an empty can. Now you have to cut a rectangle from the can which is thrice the size of your key.

Step 2: Outline The Key's Contours

Then you have to place your key on the rectangle and grabbing a pen, you have to outline the key's contours on it. Make sure you get every edge of the key.

Step 3: Cut The Key

Grabbing a pair of small scissors, cut out the key. Make sure that you cut it out very nicely and precise. Now you have your clone key.

Step 4: Blend The Keys

What you need to do now is place your copy over the original and using a pen, blend it so that it will have the same graves as the original key.

Step 5: Repeat On The Other Side

Do that on the other side as well. And now you have a clone copy key.

Step 6: Test The Key

The only thing left for you to do now is to try it out.