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How To Copyright Your Original Music

How To Copyright Your Original Music

It's important to protect you and your band mates from someone else cashing in on your hit single. Follow these simple steps with VideoJug to learn how to register a copyright for your original music.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • Music in appropriate format
  • United States Copyright Office SR and CON forms
  • Check or money order for $45 payable to "Register Of Copyrights"
  • Packing materials

Step 2: The Paper Work

Go to www.copyright.gov and download Form SR and Form CON. Fill out the form in its entirety and don't forget to sign and date it. Include a non-refundable $45 check or money order payable to "Register of Copyrights" with your application.

Step 3: Send The Sound

Pack up your music, application and $45 check or money order. It's a good idea to use a sturdy box or padded envelope to protect your media through the mail. The copyright office is not responsible for lost or damaged media.

Step 4: Ship It Out

Mail all the contents to the Library of Congress, Copyright Office, 101 Independence Avenue, S. E., Washington DC, 20559. If all is in order, you should receive a certificate of registration in about 4 months.