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How To: Corn Removal

How To: Corn Removal

Corns usually occur on the feet and are extremely painful. They most commonly occur in the elderly patients. They should be treated with salicylic acid to soften and pare it down. This can be done at home or by a podiatrist or chiropodist.

The common and familiar corn occurs on the feet. Usually, on the top of the toes or the top or side of the foot, torque corns are heaps of the hard keratin skin, that's the superficial layer of the skin. It bulks up in certain discrete areas and forms a conical or little mound of hard tissue.

The usual cause is ill-fitting or too-tight shoes which cause pressure on various areas, usually the toes, which promote the building up of this keratin layer. The end result is that you have these dome-like little lesions or mounds which are extremely painful, particularly when pressed. The hard skin surrounds an area called the core which is even harder skin, more dense and they are quite typical.

They can occur on the fingers but that's not so usual; they can occur on the soul of the feet and they should not be confused with verrucas or plantar warts. How to get rid of them? Well, one has to remove them, basically. There are various ways of doing that.

There are proprietary plasters which usually contain salicylic acid which should be applied, sometimes overnight, sometimes all day. The acid will dissolve the hard keratin of the corn and basically soften it. It may even completely reduce it.

But the acid plasters can often become bind with paring the corn down, that's using a sharp blade to gently shave off layer by layer. Now, one can do this at home and there are special blades available that have a shield on them so you don't actually cut into flesh and they can be gently pared down. Now, corns most commonly occur in the elderly patients and so they might find this difficult to do by themselves but the podiatrist or chiropodist will be the next port of call to pare the corns down to get rid of them.

Basically, corns should be removed by softening and paring down. That is how to get rid of corns. .