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How To Cover Grey Hair

How To Cover Grey Hair

VideoJug shows you the best ways to cover grey hairs. Learn to dye your hair properly with VideoJug's help and get rid of your grey hair.

Step 1: Go to the Hairdressers

There's a huge array of hair dyes available over the counter which can be a good cheap option for getting rid of grey but it's hard to get a naturalistic look so you it may be best left to the experts. A consultation with a good hairdresser will tell you exactly what you need, and they will have the skills required to target the grey hairs and get a subtle finish.

Step 2: Temples

If your grey hairs have only sprouted at your temples then discuss having some colour combed through them with your hairdresser. This will not entirely cover your grey, but it will blend it subtlety with your natural colour. This also gives you the chance to experiment with dying, if it is something you are unsure of.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to pull out temple hairs; this will leave you with tatty looking grey flecks.

Step 3: A light to heavy spread of grey

If your hair has grey flecks throughout then ask your hairdresser to put in some low lights. They will choose a tone that matches your natural colour without completely covering it or making it flat, and artificial looking. Remember, the dye is simply to dim the grey hairs so that they have the appearance of a natural highlight.

Step 4: Covering a full head of grey

If you are determined to completely cover all of your grey hair then you can opt for a full dye. If you want to do this at home choose a colour that matches or is just slightly lighter than your natural colour so that it doesn't wash you out. Use a semi permanent dye that will wash out in ten to fifteen washes. This means that as your hair grows, the dye will fade gradually back to your natural colour, avoiding unsightly roots.