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How To Cover Minor Imperfections On Your Wall

How To Cover Minor Imperfections On Your Wall

Before you repaint or embark on other renovations to walls you'll want a solid undercoating as your foundation. This video will take you through the necessary steps to ensure a quality base coat for your work.

Step 1: Identify Cause Of Stains

If the stains are caused by damp or water, make sure that the original cause of the problem has been rectified before treating the area.

Step 2: Cover Furniture And Carpets

Cover furniture and carpets, and keep windows and doors fully open to ensure good ventilation during the application and drying processes.

Step 3: Clean

In all cases, ensure the wall is clean, dry and free from loose material before applying any Polycell Basecoat Complete.

Step 4: Stir Product

Start by stirring the product and decanting into a roller tray for easy roller loading.

Step 5: Apply Product

After touching in corners and edges with a brush, apply to the wall using a short pile roller ensuring long, even strokes.

Step 6: Leave To Dry

Remove any splashes immediately, and then leave the wall to dry for four to six hours before over-painting with your choice of emulsion.