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How To Create 1920s Hairstyles

How To Create 1920s Hairstyles

Petar Dragicevic, owner of London's Glass Hair Salon, provides great tips on how to create a 1920s 'flapper' hairstyle for someone with long hair!

I'm going to try a 1920s look today on my model. 1920s always had more like the flapper bob, but today we've got long hair, so I'm going to teach you how to create a 1920s flapper look with long hair. I'm going to use straightening irons to curl the hair first, to create a soft finger wave, and to create curl at the back area.

So first, I'm going to start tonging the front area, and then I'll grip them into place with my grips. As you can see, for my look, I'm starting to curl all the hair. Make sure you use a heat protector; I'm using Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging.

So you spray just a little bit down the hair shaft, make sure it's all even through there. I'm going to use my Cloud Nine straightening irons, they have a bevelled blade so you can actually twist the hair 180% - and I slowly pull the hair through. It's just a bit like pulling a roller through a ribbon, and that's how you get your curl.

And you take it right to the end - make sure you get all the ends through, slowly. Just for an extra bit of hold, I'm going to wind that right up to the root area. Open up a little bit, make sure the ends are under, then just release slowly.

Then it should look like a sausage really. Then afterwards, we can break that up. Right, I'm on my last section now, through the top.

We've curled that through there. What I'm going to do now, is I'm going to start off on the next section, and I'm going to separate all my curls, and create a short bob with my curls. Now, through this area, basically what we're going to do is, we're almost pin-curling.

So we're going to grab that piece of hair we just tonged and push it onto the root area, and then we're going to clip that in, and we'll do that for each curl that we do. If you want, you can weave two curls together and join them and clip them up, but I'm going to do it separately. So what we've done, we've just gripped up all the curls, and pushed them into the neck area, so you create a flat-ish area through the top, and you create more volume down this area.

So from the front, you should see a bit of hair just behind the ears. And we're going to keep it a slightly looser look. If you want, you can back-comb the root area slightly and brush it and keep it smooth, or just use your fingers for the desired result, it's really down to you.

I'll just spray that in place. So, for the three barrel curls on the top, we're going to take out our section clips. We don't want to use a brush at this point, but what I'm going to use is a serum.

I'm going to use a serum that's in a spray form, a good one is from Alterna, rapid repair spray. Just so when I brush these out, they won't go fluffy. Now just gently use your comb, and comb these areas out.

And what you want to do is just keep this quite flat up the front here, and give a slight little S-shaped curl, just give it a slight 1920s feel to it. And that's how you can create a 1920s look if you haven't got a 1920s haircut. .