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How To Create 1950s Hairstyles

How To Create 1950s Hairstyles

Here are step by step instructions on how to get the glamorous, sophisticate hairstyle of the 1950's. The key to the 1950's is glossy, shiny hair. Here, they recommend lots of brushing.

We're going to do a 1950's look today and in the 1950's, they used a lot of setting for the hair and the hair was very structured and very smooth. So, we're going to create, kind of, a Marilyn Monroe wave in the hair. After I've got all my curl in the hair, we're just going to brush it all into place so you just brush it until you get a nice, little, smooth texture until you're happy with it.

Make sure you brush from underneath, as well and if you've got left curls in this, you will brush it a lot less and you use probably, a vent brush. Because we've got a lot of curl in here, I can be a little more vigorous with the hair. Right now, I'm going to put it all into place by using a towel comb so it's nice and sculptured.

In the ‘50s, they tend to like a lot of flipped over to the side. Just comb the hair, working down the hair shaft and what you're doing is actually, you're using your hands to keep everything in place. I tend to use the back of my hand there.

And what you create, you almost create like an S shape within the hairstyle. And through the underneath, you're just going to brush that more smooth so that it's more sitting under than flicking out. So, to do that, you brush it from an underneath section.

The ‘50s is all about glamour and looking really sophisticated so the hair was really, really glossy, really smooth, and really feminine at the same time. There you have a 1950's hairstyle. .