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How To Create A Quail Habitat

How To Create A Quail Habitat

This video shows how to create and control a quails' habitat.

Hello, I'm Nino Castellona from Welwynquail.com and today I'm going to talk to you about quails. How to create a quail's habitat.

Usually, the quails, they like to live in bushes and the area they came from, when they find the right hiding places, they will make their nests and they rely the nest in this area. Keeping quails into habitats is very difficult to create habitats, so that the nearest things to do that I could do is to create some boxes, some hiding places where they can save out of the sight of people, so that when they are ready to lay eggs, they're going to the boxes. I used them some grass, they make up their own nest and they lay their eggs within the nest and sometimes they cannot.

Ideally, if you have got the plans or concrete floor as mine is, you can plan some bamboo plants or some low ground growing plants so that the quails, they can eye into the plant and they can make their own nest or some or anything bushy that makes a sort of surviving place on the ground. In this span, I just create the different sorts of habitat. I will put, on top of piece of wood, open the quails, they can eat unto them or if they have, they can go in from one side and come back on other side because on the back, there is enough space for the quail to go through.

So, this is important because very often, they fight and in this fight, they can kill themselves but if a quail disappear from one place to another, that is very good and after that, they stop and some of the trouble can be avoided using this sorts of method. .