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How To Create A Side Fringe Hairstyle

How To Create A Side Fringe Hairstyle

Have you ever wanted to perfect the side fringe hairstyle? Learn how to create one in this easy video featuring a styling expert.

In this video today, I'm going to show you how to create a side fringe hairstyle. As you can see, on our model, we have a combination of two different styles. We have nice, long wavy hair on the bottom and we have straight, straight hair on the top, and she already has a side fringe which we already created.

To achieve a side fringe hairstyle, you need to have a parting off centre, probably an inch off centre, so it's a side parting. If you would like to blow dry your hair this way or just let it dry naturally, the best way to achieve a nice sleek look would be to use straighteners. Take a little section and straighten it gently, twisting the hair a little bit inside while you're going to go towards the end.

So, just start straightening it nice and flat, and then just twist the straightener a little bit. Another variation of this hairstyle would be to straighten the fringe differently, which would give us a completely different look of the side fringe. So, when we take sections of the hair, we can twist it the other way around, twist it towards the top rather than just curling under.

And that was how to create a side fringe hairstyle. .