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How To Create A Threading Instrument To Remove Hair

How To Create A Threading Instrument To Remove Hair

Originating from the middle east and India, threading is the ancient art of hair removal. With only some cotton thread, VideoJug will show you how to create your own threading instrument.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • 3-4 feet 100% cotton thread

Step 2: Get looped

Loosely tie a loop of thread around your neck.

Step 3: Create triangle

Create a triangle with your thumb and index finger about a foot down from your neck.

Step 4: Twist the triangle

Twist the triangle 7 times.

Step 5: Up and down

Lower and raise the loose end of the string while holding your triangle taut to create the rolling movement in the twists. This movement will catch a few hairs in the twists and will lift them out.

Step 6: The finish line

Find a volunteer and firmly place the line of twists onto the area to be threaded.

Move up and down while pulling on the loose end of the string. Slightly pull your neck away from the area being threaded.

The straight line of twists will catch any hair in it's path and is especially helpful when creating a neat eyebrow.