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How To Create A Wedding Hair Updo

How To Create A Wedding Hair Updo

James Blaquiere shows the viewers on VideoJug how he makes an elegant wedding updo for the future bride. Watch and learn here.

So, first of all, what I've gone and done is gone all the way through the hair, putting some curl and some bend into it, and you can do this with a set of curling tongs or straightening irons as shown in previous videos. Right, so now we've got your curl, and your nice soft waves going all the way through the hair. Section the hair off into where you'd like your natural parting to be and also then section ear to ear.

We're now going to take a kind of horseshoe section here, you can use a brush like this that's got a sort of point on the end or a ponytail comb with those as well. Now, depending on how much volume you want out of your hair, that kind of how much sort of section of hair you want to take away, because you're going to do a bit, a little of backcombing. We want a fair size, because a wedding, always with a bride, you always want to go that little extra bit that you wouldn't do on a normal night out.

So, take in this section, all the way around, so take in this section, ear to ear, all the way around. Now, what you want to do is now cut through this, you're taking about a centimeter sections at a time, just pin that out of the way for a second, and then we're going to do just a little bit of backcombing, and take your section, brush it all the way through, make sure there are no knots in there before you start, and now holding the hair upright, even slightly towards the front of the angle and you're going to take the hair from about halfway and brush all the way down, and then repeat the process, and repeat the process. So after we've repeated that process all the way to the end of where you've done the ear to ear or hot cross bun section, you leave your last section out that you're going to backcomb, just very gently backcomb this bit, so not as much or as vigorous as you've been doing it, or as you've been doing the rest, because this last section is the smooth section, and it's going to hide all this sort of untidy backcombing that we've got going on here, so just gently now, because you don't want to comb out all that backcombing that you've done, but just really gently, and following it through with your hand just smoothing it over like so.

So, just smoothing that top layer out, and just really gently so you're just making sure you're not undoing all that backcombing that you've done on the underneath but you just hide it, just smoothing it over and once you feel like you've got that kind of pretty smoothed over, and you've got a nice shape, just always watching that shape, quite a good idea to do this in front of a mirror so that you've kind of got a good even balance there, if you haven't got a mirror, just keep coming around to the front and just checking checking your shape, so keep gently smoothing that over, and you follow it through with your hand and once you sort of feel happier with that, maybe just a little bit of spray every so often as well, and then again, just really gently just comb that spray through. Now, once you feel quite comfortable with the kind of shape that you're getting there, you now need to pin it in. Right now, we're coming to the sides.

So, side sections, take into your hands, just really gently you don't want to sort of destroy any of the work you've done before with the curls, you've just got to just gently hold he hair, not tight, no tension. So, we're going to split this into two, just take that section there. Now, we're just taking these sections, just holding, quite loosely, not too tight.

And the same again, open your pin and you want to feel, you're pushing that into the substantial amount of hair that you've pinned down before. Feel where you have the tension, with the scalp, running along, and push the pin along, and that's great, nice and tight. And you're going to repeat this process with this section here.

I'm pulling this over the pins that you've already pinned in. This is a good way of hiding the pins that you've previously put in. Open your