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How To Create A Winter Wonderland

How To Create A Winter Wonderland

This video instructs you on how to create a wonderful winter wonderland in your home or office. This theme depends on how you perceive winter wonderland, and how imaginative you can get.

Hi, we're going to tell you how to make a wonderful winter wonderland. The many different ways of doing it depend on how you feel about winter wonderland. Sometimes, people think of it as candy canes and Narnia, other people think of it as alpine, snowy, green trees.

Basically, you need to have some beautiful objects around. Maybe some beautiful white trees, pretty little pea lights inside them, make them all sparkle. They can be glistening or they can be covered also in little bits of glitter.

You can get a sleigh for outside you house, that's absolutely beautiful. This is also from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, huge amounts of muslin draped with fairy lights, absolutely terrific. It also depends where you're doing it.

Are you doing it at your home? Are you doing it for an office party? Are you doing for that very special Sunday lunch? I don't know. One thing that really, really makes a difference, especially if you are doing it in an office for one of your Christmas parties is to completely transform the space. So, that can be done, as mentioned, with white muslin without lights or just adding those icy blue touches in.

Having snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and icicles and a white witch entering in on a sleigh, all of those small tiny, tiny details, all the attention to detail is really important and will give that Christmas party a real wow factor. Room transformations from a dull boring office, turning into a magic, white, amazing room just wows everybody. They love the music, they love the booze, they love the people, and if you get some people dressed up as well, maybe little white fairies all around the place, that would be fantastic.

Maybe even a white Father Christmas with a long white beard. That will really make an amazing winter wonderland themed event or room or party or design. .