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How To Create Blue Tie Dye

How To Create Blue Tie Dye

This is how tie dyeing can make a blue garment even bluer in many different hues.

Hi, I'm Turguy Mustafa. I do garment dyeing for the last 26 years for Prestige Fashion Dyers and today I will be giving you some tips about tie dye and garment dyeing. So, this is how to tie dye a blue garment.

So first of all, what you'll actually have to do is you have to decide on your pattern. Once you've decided on your pattern, you can go to your depth of your colour and this obviously will go by percentages of how dark or light you want the garment and once you have actually decided on that as well, once you have decided on the pattern, you can actually decide on the colour and this actually depending on your depth. You can either put a small amount of blue on there that will give you a light colour or let's say a percentage or once percent and that will give you like a mid-blue or if you wanted dark or a real dark shade of blue, then you up your percentages to about two, three percent, and it will stay in the machine.

The lighter the colours are, it can stay in the machine slightly less than the darker colours, and you could achieve the right colour, whatever you want. Now, to actually get your garment dyed, we will actually use commercially some chemicals but you can actually achieve the same colour in your home by using salt and a touch of white vinegar. It will probably give you roughly the same result. .